Section 9-14-24

Award of contracts; provisions as to concessionaire's rates and charges; periodic review, etc., of rates and charges; inclusion of terms and conditions for protection of state against loss of investment.

(a) All concession contracts authorizing occupancy of any portion of the state park system shall be awarded to the highest responsible bidder, as determined by criteria set out in the notice therefor, who, in the opinion of the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources, will operate the concession consistent with the contract and in the best interests of the state and public.

(b) All concession contracts of whatever nature or form shall provide for the reasonableness of the concessionaire's rates and charges to the public, and such rates shall be judged primarily by comparison with those rates or charges for facilities and services of comparable character under similar conditions with due consideration for length of season, peak loads, average percentage of occupancy, accessibility, availability, cost of labor and personnel, type of patronage and such other factors deemed significant by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources.

(c) All concession rates and charges will be subject to periodic review by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources, who shall have authority to require the concessionaire to reduce such rates when, after review of same, he finds them to be excessive and not based on and in compliance with the foregoing criteria.

(d) The Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources shall further have authority to include in concession contracts such other terms and conditions as, in his judgment, are required to assure the state of adequate protection against loss of investment in structures, fixtures, improvements, equipment, supplies and other properties.

(Acts 1971, No. 2440, p. 3900, §5.)