Section 9-14C-9

Control of property; bonds.

(a) The commission may take possession under a lease or a deed of the land and other property in Jefferson County known as Red Mountain Greenway and Recreational Area, which is now owned by USS Real Estate or other entities and located along Red Mountain in Birmingham. The commission is further authorized to lease, accept as a gift or loan, or otherwise acquire any other property, real or personal, including gifts or bequests or other things of value to be used in fulfilling the purpose for which it is established or for any auxiliary purpose incidental or appropriate thereto.

(b) The commission may borrow money and issue revenue bonds in evidence thereof, but the bonds shall not be general obligations of the State of Alabama or any agency or any political subdivision thereof and must be publicly bid. The commission may pledge property, real or personal, to the repayment thereof and may pledge the proceeds derived from admission fees or charges or other fees or charges made in connection with the greenway, recreational area, or historical site.

(Act 2006-542, p. 1256, §9.)