Section 9-14E-1


The following terms as used in this section shall have the following meanings:

(1) DEPARTMENT. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

(2) GOVERNOR. The Governor of the State of Alabama.

(3) GROUND LEASE. A lease of the project site which shall provide for the rights and responsibilities of the state and any other person which is a party thereto.

(4) GULF STATE PARK. The real property comprising approximately 6,150 acres, and any future additions thereto, including facilities and fixtures located thereon and appurtenances thereto, owned and managed by the state and the department in south Baldwin County, Alabama.

(5) GULF STATE PARK PROJECT COMMITTEE. The committee established pursuant to subsection (d) of Section 9-14E-5.

(6) PARTY TO AN EXECUTED PROJECT AGREEMENT. The state or any person who is a party to and is obligated to the state under a project agreement, or any part thereof.

(7) PERSON. Any private person or any public person.

(8) PRIVATE PERSON. Any natural person, corporation, general or limited partnership, limited liability company or partnership, unincorporated association or organization, or other nongovernmental entity.

(9) PROJECT. Real and personal property to be located on the approximately 29 acre project site in Gulf State Park, as described in subdivision (12), to consist of some or all of the following: Lodge facilities; conference, education, and meeting space; banquet areas; primary and specialty restaurants; recreation and other facilities; business centers; and infrastructure such as parking facilities; transportation facilities for pedestrian and vehicular traffic; utilities; and other structures or improvements as presented by the Governor in a request for proposal provided herein, or any other subsequent request.

(10) PROJECT AGREEMENT. Any project agreement, which is executed by the Governor pursuant to Section 9-14E-5, and provides for the construction, improvement, lease, management, occupancy, and use of the project site, or any part thereof.

(11) PROJECT REVENUES. All gross earnings, income, receipts, lease payments, revenues, and other moneys derived from or with respect to the project.

(12) PROJECT SITE. The real property located within Gulf State Park of approximately 29 acres more particularly described as follows: POC (Point of Commencement) SW Corner Section 16, T9S, R4E; thence N 89 degrees 49'16"E, 5,290ft to a calculated point in Lake Shelby, being the SE corner of Section 16: Thence South 664ft to a point, on the south ROW (Right Of Way) of State Route 182 and the east boundary of a deed with restrictions (Deed Book 55n.s., Page 363-4, Baldwin Co.), being the POB (Point of Beginning); thence eastwardly along said ROW for 2,644ft more or less to a point; thence south leaving said ROW and passing east of existing cul-de-sac for 351ft more or less to the CCL (Coastal Construction Line); thence westward along CCL (Coastal Construction Line) for 2,592ft more or less to a point on the East boundary of a said deed; thence north leaving CCL (Coastal Construction Line) and along East boundary of said deed for 826ft more or less back to the POB all containing 29.1Ac +/-.

(13) PROPOSAL. Any proposal submitted to the Governor pursuant to a request for proposal issued by the Governor under Section 9-14E-4.

(14) PUBLIC PERSON. Any county, municipality, or public corporation and any agency, branch, department, instrumentality, or political subdivision of the state or any entity created by the Legislature.

(15) REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS. A bid procurement that is announced through a public notice from the Governor requesting solutions and proposals to construct, maintain, supervise, operate, and manage a project at the project site, or any part thereof, as provided herein and subject to any applicable provisions of law. The request for proposal shall include the following:

a. Contact information for the Governor or his or her designee for inquiries relating to the request for proposal.

b. The date, time, and place where proposals must be received.

c. The evaluation criteria for assessing the proposals.

d. Any other stipulations and clarifications the Governor may require, provided that all provisions of state law shall be applicable unless otherwise expressly provided for in this chapter.

(16) STATE. The State of Alabama.

(Act 2013-222, p. 523, §1.)