Section 9-15-54

Release of sand for use in beach project.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, in the event a beach project to be undertaken by a coastal municipality as permitted by the Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources pursuant to Section 9-15-56 requires the use of sand from the public water bottoms of the State of Alabama, spoil sand from state-owned spoil sites, or spoil sand otherwise owned by the state, or any combination of the sands, the commissioner, acting through the Lands Division of the department, shall release to the coastal municipality for use in the beach project without fee, cost, or charge those quantities of sand from those specified public water bottoms of the State of Alabama, of spoil sand from those specified state-owned spoil sites, and of spoil sand otherwise owned by the state as are identified in the beach project permit of the commissioner issued pursuant to Section 9-15-56. No such sand shall be released, however, if the commissioner finds that the beach project as proposed cannot be established and maintained without a materially adverse impact on adjacent or abutting riparian or littoral landowners, on the public water bottoms, or on the fish, shellfish, and wildlife resources of the state.

(Act 2000-676, p. 1365, §1.)