Section 9-15-6

Ascertainment of description and location of lands owned or held in trust by state, state institutions, etc.; classification of lands and preparation of records of ownership.

It shall be the duty of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to ascertain the description and location of all lands to which the state holds the legal title for itself or as trustee, and all state parks and all lands belonging to any institution or department of the state, and to any township thereof and to the inhabitants of any such township, and to make a separate record for each ownership of all such lands, describing such lands by government numbers when susceptible of such description and, when not susceptible of such description, then by some other adequate description whereby the same can be identified. The lands belonging to the various ownerships above described shall be classified in a separate record as to each as used or unused lands. Such record shall also show the manner in which title thereto was acquired, the character of the title, the general character of such land, that is, whether chiefly valuable for agriculture, mining, timber culture or other use and the use to which the same is being put.

(Acts 1927, No. 635, p. 725, §2; Code 1940, T. 8, §220.)