Section 9-15-78

Bids to be publicly taken by director; notice; bids to become public record.

The bids shall be publicly taken or opened in Montgomery or such other place as may be designated by the Lands Division, in case of sealed bids, by the Director of the Lands Division of the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources or his or her designee and the department, board, bureau, commission, institution, corporation, or agency selling the property may have a representative present. When a sale or lease is to be made, notice shall be given to the highest bidder within 30 days after taking the bids of the state's acceptance of his or her bid and of the state's intention to sell or lease the property to him or her. The bid of the successful bidder so marked, as well as the bids of the unsuccessful bidders in the case of sealed bids, shall be placed on file open to public inspection and shall become matters of public record.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-280, p. 507, §9.)