Section 9-15-79

Negotiation where no bids received or bids rejected; no sale or lease at price less than highest bid or minimum; payment; closing.

In the event no bids are received or all the bids are rejected by the chief executive officer of the department, board, bureau, commission, institution, corporation, or agency selling or leasing the property after the approval of the Governor, the sale or lease of the real property may be negotiated. No sale or lease may be made at a price less than the highest bid received or the published minimum, whichever is highest, and the sale or lease shall require the approval of the Governor. All real property sold or leased under this article shall be paid for by the purchaser or his or her representative by cashier's check or certified check, and the sale or lease shall be closed not later than 30 days after the written notice of acceptance of the bid.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-280, p. 507, §10.)