Section 9-15-9

Preparation and disposition of records showing ownership, general character, disposition, etc., of used and unused lands.

Upon the filing of the list required to be filed by Section 9-15-8, the Land Agent, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, shall cause a record to be compiled, which record shall list by counties all lands owned or held in trust by an institution or department of the State of Alabama, as shown by lists mentioned in Section 9-15-8. Such record shall also show the ownership of such lands and whether or not the same are used or unused lands, as defined in Section 9-15-1, and said record shall further show the general character of such land, that is, whether chiefly valuable for agricultural, mining, timber culture or other use and the use to which the same is being put. If at any future time any of the said lands shall be leased or sold or otherwise disposed of, or should unused lands become used lands or used lands become unused lands, such facts and circumstances shall be noted on said record and any other pertinent facts with relation to said lands shall be noted on said record to the end that a complete and current inventory of all state lands shall be available at all times. Such data shall be made on proper record books and shall be preserved by the Land Agent, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

(Acts 1945, No. 341, p. 554, §3.)