Section 9-16-101

Leases of certain lands.

The regulatory authority is hereby vested with the authority and responsibility for consulting with all institutions of this state which own lands or mineral interests relating to all coal leases proposed to be entered into by such institutions. The regulatory authority is hereby designated as the agency of the State of Alabama for reviewing and approving such coal leases. Upon submission of any such proposed lease, the regulatory authority shall, within 45 days, by order approve or disapprove such proposed lease; upon failure of the regulatory authority to act within such time, such lease shall be conclusively presumed approved. In any case in which the regulatory authority refuses to approve the execution of such a lease, the proposed lessee may demand a hearing before a hearing officer pursuant to the provisions of Section 9-16-78 and 9-16-79 of this article with all rights of appeal as set forth.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-435, p. 682, §33.)