Section 9-16-122

Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund.

(a) There is hereby created in the State Treasury a special fund to be called the State Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund which shall receive all state and federal appropriations, grants and donations, and all other moneys available for the purposes of this article, and such funds are hereby appropriated and made exclusively available to be used as provided by this article and for the purposes herein stated. All fund sources shall be separately accounted for.

(b) Moneys in the fund may be used for the following purposes:

(1) Reclamation and restoration of land and water resources adversely affected by past coal mining, including but not limited to reclamation and restoration of abandoned surface mine areas, abandoned coal processing areas, and abandoned coal refuse disposal areas; sealing and filling abandoned deep mine entries and voids, planting of land adversely affected by past coal mining to prevent erosion and sedimentation; prevention, abatement, treatment, and control of water pollution created by coal mine drainage including restoration of stream beds, and construction and operation of water treatment plants; prevention, abatement, and control of burning coal in situ; and prevention, abatement and control of coal mine subsidence;

(2) Acquisition of land as provided for in this article.

(3) Grants to accomplish the purposes of this article.

(4) Administrative expenses of the department to accomplish the purposes of this article.

(5) All other necessary expenses to accomplish the purpose of this article.

The department is authorized to accept, administer and expend such funds or grants as it may receive, including such funds as may be appropriated by the Legislature. The director may transfer funds to other appropriate agencies in order to carry out the reclamation activities authorized by this article.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-210, p. 254, §3.)