Section 9-17-100


As used in this article, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION. Alabama Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board.

(2) BOARD. The Alabama Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board.

(3) BRANCH. A local unit of an LP-gas business that is one or more of the following:

a. A division or subdivision or a person doing business under a name other than the Class A permit holder's name.

b. A place where the day-to-day retail operations of an LP-gas business are conducted and at which at least three of the following activities occur or conditions exist:

1. Sales of appliances.

2. Orders are taken for LP-gas repair and service.

3. Orders are taken to refill LP-gas systems either by phone or in person.

4. Employees are present during a normal workday.

5. Is a place that requires a city or county license to conduct business.

(4) LP. Liquefied petroleum gas.

(5) LPG. Liquefied petroleum gas.

(6) LP-GAS. Liquefied petroleum gas.

(7) LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS. Any material having vapor pressure not exceeding that allowed for commercial propane composed predominantly of the following hydrocarbons, either by themselves or as mixtures: propane, propylene, butanes (normal butane or isobutane), and butylenes.

(8) LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FUND. A fund created to finance activities relating to research, development, and the implementation of marketing, advertising, and informational programs relating to LP-gas directed toward the consumer as well as for the education of industrial members and employees.

(9) LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS SYSTEM. Any assembly consisting of one or more containers with a means for conveying LP-gas from the container(s) to dispensing or consuming devices (either continuously or intermittently) and which incorporates components intended to achieve control of quality, flow, pressure, or state (either liquid or vapor).

(10) PERSON. Every natural person, firm, copartnership, association, or corporation.

(11) RED TAG. A red card or device containing an official printed notice of the condemnation of a liquefied petroleum gas system or any connected or disconnected LP-gas component, LP-gas storage container, LP-gas container appurtenance, or LP-gas motor vehicle, transport, or delivery unit placed as a result of a violation of the liquefied petroleum gas safety code provisions and regulations, or as a result of a mechanical defect found on the LP-gas motor vehicle, transport, or delivery unit that could cause a danger to the public if allowed to continue to operate. When attached to a system or to any connected or disconnected LP-gas component, LP-gas storage container, LP-gas appurtenances, motor vehicle, transport, or delivery unit a red tag is official notice of condemnation and of the prohibition of further use, so long as the red tag remains affixed by law.

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