Section 9-17-103

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board - Promulgation, etc., of rules and regulations; inspection of gas systems.

(a) The board shall have the power to make and enforce rules and regulations governing the design, construction, location, installation, and operation of containers, tanks, systems, and equipment for storing, utilizing, handling, and transporting liquefied petroleum gases and rules to secure the substantial accuracy of all meters, safety devices, and regulators generally used in connection with such gases. No person shall be permitted to certify the accuracy of their own company owned meters. The rules and regulations shall be such as are reasonably necessary for the protection of the health and safety of the public and persons using such gases, and shall be adopted pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act. All rules and regulations shall be posted on the board website and available for download by the public. The board, upon request, shall provide a printed hard copy of the rules and regulations. If a rule or regulation is amended, the revised rule or regulation shall be posted on the board website before the revision becomes effective.

(b) In order that the administrator of the board and inspectors may determine whether or not a danger to the public or to a liquefied petroleum gas user exists, and there is reasonable cause to believe that such danger does exist, the administrator and inspectors may enter any building or upon any premises connected to a liquefied petroleum gas system for the sole purpose of conducting an inspection or an investigation of such system. If a violation is found in conducting such inspection which is determined to be a hazard and a danger to the public or to a liquefied petroleum gas user, the administrator and inspectors shall have the power, duty and authority to shut off the liquefied petroleum gas system and to condemn the system from further use for purposes of safety until the gas system has been certified as back in compliance with adopted liquefied petroleum gas safety code standards and until the red tag is removed, or authorized to be removed, by a board appointee or employee. When a system is condemned, it shall be red-tagged.

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