Section 9-17-134

Determination by board of coalbed methane gas wells requiring plugging.

Whenever, in the determination of the board, after reasonable notice to the operator of a coalbed methane gas well and a hearing held by the board and pursuant to such notice:

(1) The failure of the operator of a coalbed methane gas well to plug such well may pose a threat to the environment or to the public health, safety or welfare,

(2) The operator of said well shall have failed or refused to plug such coalbed methane gas well within a period deemed reasonable by the board, and

(3) The bond or other security filed by such operator under Section 9-17-6(c)(5) is or is expected to be inadequate to provide for the payment of the costs of plugging said well, the board shall undertake to provide for the proper plugging of said well through the use of moneys in the fund, provided that moneys adequate for such purpose, taking into account the aforesaid bond or other surety, shall then be on deposit in the fund.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-635, p. 1164, §5.)