Section 9-17-135

Action authorized to be taken by board.

Upon making the determination described in Section 9-17-134, the board shall first collect the proceeds of the bond or bonds or the blanket bond of the operator filed as security under Section 9-17-6(c)(5), and shall forthwith apply the proceeds of such bond or bonds to the expense of causing such well or wells with respect to which such determination shall have been made to be plugged, which action the board is hereby authorized to take either directly or through contracts therefor entered into by the board with private persons or with other governmental agencies. Should the board determine that the proceeds of such bond or bonds are in fact insufficient to cover the entire expense of causing such well or wells to be plugged, the supervisor shall be authorized to execute and verify itemized vouchers to be submitted to the state Comptroller for the withdrawal from the fund of amounts equal to such expenses as may be incurred by the board in connection therewith in excess of bond coverage. Upon the presentation of such vouchers, there is hereby appropriated from moneys in the fund such amount as shall be necessary for the payment of such expenses, and the state Comptroller is authorized to issue appropriate warrants on the State Treasurer for reimbursement to the board of such expenses incurred by it in taking the aforesaid action to plug coalbed methane gas wells or for payment of such private persons or governmental agencies as shall have been engaged by the board to take such action pursuant to the provisions hereof.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-635, p. 1164, §6.)