Section 9-17-138

Termination of fund.

Should the board determine that all coalbed methane gas wells in the State of Alabama have been plugged and abandoned, or should the board determine, after notice and hearing, that the fund is no longer necessary in order to carry out the purposes of this article, then the supervisor shall so certify this determination to the state Comptroller and the State Treasurer and all moneys in the fund shall, promptly following the filing with the state Comptroller and the State Treasurer of such certification, be disbursed and are hereby appropriated to all counties in the State of Alabama where coalbed methane gas wells shall have been permitted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, to be divided among such counties based on the number of coalbed methane gas wells permitted in each such county, for deposit into the general funds of such counties, and to be used for those purposes for which said general funds were established.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-635, p. 1164, §9.)