Section 9-17-150


Unless the context otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in this section shall have the following meanings when found in this article:

(1) UNDERGROUND STORAGE. Storage in an underground reservoir.

(2) GAS. All natural gas, casinghead gas, and occluded natural gas found in coal beds, and all other hydrocarbons not defined as oil in Section 9-17-1(3), except and not including liquid petroleum gas.

(3) UNDERGROUND RESERVOIR. Any subsurface sand, stratum, formation, aquifer, or cavity, cavern or void (whether natural or artificially created), suitable for or capable of being made suitable for the injection and storage of gas therein and the withdrawal of gas therefrom.

(4) STORAGE FACILITY. Any underground reservoir used or to be used for the underground storage of gas and all surface and subsurface rights and appurtenances necessary or useful in the operation of the facility for the underground storage of gas, including any necessary or reasonable buffer zone as designated by the board for the purpose of insuring the safe operation of the storage of gas and to protect the storage facility against pollution, invasion, and escape or migration of gas therefrom, together with any and all subsequent extensions thereof.

(5) STORAGE OPERATOR. Any company, person, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, association of persons, municipality, association of municipalities, public utility, gas district, or other entity, authorized by the State Oil and Gas Board pursuant to Section 9-17-152 to operate any storage facility as defined in this section.

(6) STATE OIL AND GAS BOARD or BOARD. The State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama; and

(7) CODE. The Code of Alabama 1975, as amended.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-564, p. 1172, §1.)