Section 9-17-151

Legislative declaration; jurisdiction.

(a) The underground storage of gas which promotes the conservation thereof, which permits the accumulation of large quantities of gas in reserve for orderly withdrawal in periods of peak demand, making gas more readily available to commercial, industrial or residential consumers, or which provides more uniform withdrawal from various gas or oil fields, is in the public interest and welfare of this state and is for a public purpose.

(b) The State Oil and Gas Board shall have jurisdiction and authority over all persons and property necessary to administer and enforce effectively the provisions of this article concerning the underground storage of gas. In exercising such jurisdiction and authority, the board shall have and may exercise all powers and authorities granted to it pursuant to Article 1 of this chapter with respect to holding hearings and promulgating and enforcing rules, regulations, and orders.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-564, p. 1172, §2.)