Section 9-17-17

Injunctions - Issuance against persons violating, etc., provisions of article, rules, etc.

Whenever it shall appear that any person is violating or threatening to violate any provision of this article or any rule, regulation or order made under this article and unless the board without litigation can effectively prevent further violation or threat of violation, then the board, through the Attorney General, who may call to his assistance the district attorney of the circuit in which civil action is instituted, shall bring in the name of the State of Alabama against such person in the circuit court in the county of the residence of the defendant or, if there is more than one defendant, in the circuit court of the county of the residence of any of them or in the circuit court of the county in which such violation is alleged to have occurred, a civil action to restrain such person from continuing such violation or from carrying out the threat of violation. In such civil action the board, in the name of the State of Alabama, may obtain such injunctions, prohibitory and mandatory, including temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, as the facts may warrant, including, when appropriate, an injunction restraining any person from moving or disposing of illegal oil, illegal gas or illegal product, and any or all such commodities may be ordered to be impounded or placed under the control of an agent appointed by the court if, in the judgment of the court, such action is advisable.

(Acts 1945, No. 1, p. 1, §17.)