Section 9-17-3

Oil and Gas Board - Created; composition; compensation and members emeritus.

(a) There is created and established a board, to be known as the State Oil and Gas Board, to be composed of three members to be appointed by the Governor for terms of the following duration: One member for a term of two years; one member for a term of four years; and one member for a term of six years. At the expiration of the term for which each of the original appointments is made, each successor member shall be appointed for a term of six years; and, in the event of a vacancy, the Governor shall by appointment fill such unexpired term. Each member shall be eligible for reappointment at the discretion of the Governor. The membership of the board shall be inclusive and reflect the racial, gender, geographic, urban/rural, and economic diversity of the state. The board shall annually report to the Legislature by the second legislative day of each regular session the extent to which the board has complied with the diversity provisions of this subsection. Each member of the board shall be a resident and citizen of the State of Alabama and shall be a qualified voter therein. Each member shall qualify by taking an oath of office and shall hold office until his or her successor is appointed and qualified. The board shall elect from its number a chairman. The board shall meet or hold hearings at such times and places as may be found by the board to be necessary to carry out its duties. Each member of the board shall receive as compensation for his or her services an annual salary of three thousand six hundred dollars ($3,600) and, in addition thereto, each member shall be entitled to a travel and office expense allowance of five hundred dollars ($500) per month. The compensation and travel and office expense allowance as above set forth shall be paid from the Oil and Gas Fund.

(b) Any person who has served 19 or more years continuously on the board shall be a nonvoting member emeritus of the board. A member emeritus shall receive no compensation, salary, or travel or expense allowance or reimbursement for his or her service on the board.

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