Section 9-19-2

Liability for injury while engaged in cave related activity; liability for equipment failure.

(a) While engaged in cave related activities, no person or organization, or formal or informal group of persons in the company of other persons whether he or they be leading, accompanying, or in the area with the other person, shall be held liable for injuries or the results of actions by said other person, unless said other person acted as a result of an act or order issued by the first person intended to inflict injury.

(b) Each person in a group engaged in cave related activities is individually responsible for evaluating the safety of group equipment which that person intends to use, such as ropes, rigging, anchor devices, climbing gear and similar equipment. The club, organization, group, leader, organizer, or person owning or emplacing such gear or equipment shall not be held liable for failure of any such equipment or gear or its emplacement, except, if the rigging or equipment is altered after the person injured has had an opportunity to inspect it.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-582, p. 909, §2.)