Section 9-2-121

Land Resources Information Center; survey and compilation of data; agencies to file legal instruments.

(a) There is hereby created and established within the Lands Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources a State Land Resources Information Center which shall compile certain data and information as hereinafter prescribed on all state owned lands, including those lands owned by state supported educational institutions, excepting however, lands acquired for highway rights of way. Such center shall be under the supervision of the Director of the Lands Division, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources who shall compile and keep up to date the following data and information on such lands:

(1) Location - should include postal address and metes and bounds description where applicable;

(2) Size - acreage and dimensions of lot or parcel;

(3) Type of development - agricultural, commercial, governmental, institutional, educational, residential, forest lands, mineral lands;

(4) Description and general condition of improvement if any - amount of rental income if leased and name and address of lessee; and

(5) Certified copy of original deed or other record of ownership to state of property - along with notation of any changes in status or ownership.

(b) Not more than 180 days after this section becomes effective, the Lands Division Director shall have sent out to all agencies, departments, and institutions in the state, a survey to determine the data and information prescribed in subsection (a). It will be the duty of individual agencies, departments and institutions to accurately comply with this request for information by the director within 90 days of receipt of such request unless a postponement of said deadline is requested and granted.

(c) It shall be the duty of each state department or institution of the State of Alabama which holds or acquires the legal title in any lands in the State of Alabama and any department charged by law with the administration, control or management of any state department or institutional lands to file or have filed for record in the county wherein such land lies all instruments and deeds conveying title to such land out of or into the State of Alabama.

(d) Upon the filing of any instrument described in subsection (c) of this section, it shall be the duty of the judge of probate to transmit within 10 days a certified copy of the instrument, with recording data shown thereon, to the Lands Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

(e) The judges of probate shall be paid the fees now provided for by law by the state agency or institution participating in the transaction.

(f) In order to comply with the provisions of this section and to assure accurate information for the Lands Division records, the Department of Conservation shall supply such qualified merit employees as may be necessary, to research within each county the title, deed records and file reports on real property owned by the state or its agencies. All expenses associated with the provisions of this section are to be paid from the moneys appropriated to the Lands Division within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The information collected by this research shall be used by the Lands Division to update and correct existing data on file.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-457, p. 834, §§ 1-7.)