Section 9-2-64

Appointment, oath, bond and compensation of game and fish wardens and deputy wardens.

The Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources shall have power to appoint as many game and fish wardens as he shall deem necessary for the proper enforcement of the game and fish laws of the state. All game and fish wardens or deputy wardens shall, before entering upon their duties as such, take the oath of office as required by law for sheriffs in this state. Before entering upon the duties of their offices, all game and fish wardens or deputy wardens shall execute to the State of Alabama a bond, to be approved by the Governor, in the amount of $1,000.00, for the faithful performance of their duties. The employees provided for in this section shall be reimbursed for their meals, lodging and transportation when absent from their headquarters in the performance of their duties. Where any area of land or water by purchase, lease or otherwise has been duly organized and developed as a hunting or fishing club, upon recommendation from the officers of such club the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources may appoint the superintendent, keeper or other person in charge of the club's grounds and premises, without expense to the state, to the position of deputy game and fish warden.

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