Section 9-2-65

Powers and duties of game and fish wardens; powers and duties of director with respect to game and fish wardens.

(a) Game and fish wardens shall have power:

(1) To enforce all laws of this state relating to birds, animals and fish;

(2) To execute all warrants and search warrants for the violation of the game, fish and fur laws of the state;

(3) To serve subpoenas issued for examination, investigation and trial of all offenses against the law relating to game, fur bearers, birds and fish;

(4) To carry firearms as provided by law for enforcement officers when in the discharge of their official duties;

(5) To confiscate all game, birds, animals or fish or parts thereof which have been caught, taken, killed or held at a time in any manner or for any purpose or had in possession or under control or have been shipped, carried or transported contrary to the laws of this state, and game, fur bearers, birds, fish or parts thereof so confiscated shall be held as evidence in the court in which the defendant is held for trial; and, upon conviction of the defendant, said game, fur bearers, birds, fish or parts thereof shall be disposed of by written order of the court;

(6) To enter upon any land or water in the performance of their duty;

(7) To assist individual citizens, clubs, groups and organizations of sportsmen and conservation clubs by furnishing information and such other assistance as may be found necessary in the construction of fish ponds, the establishing of feeding grounds for migratory wild fowl, the planting of fish from the state and federal fish hatcheries, the reclaiming of stranded fish and the control of predators on useful forms of wildlife; and

(8) To perform such other additional duties as the commissioner may direct.

(b) The director of the division shall:

(1) Constantly keep in touch with the game and fish wardens;

(2) Assist and advise them in their work;

(3) See that all wardens are continuous in the performance of their duties;

(4) Make reports to the commissioner of any dereliction of duty;

(5) Investigate all charges of alleged misconduct or other alleged wrongful acts on the part of any warden and make special reports thereon to the commissioner;

(6) Assist in the prosecution of violations of all laws relating to the department; and

(7) Perform such other duties as the commissioner may direct.

(Acts 1935, No. 240, p. 632, §14; Code 1940, T. 8, §19.)