Section 9-2-85

Duties of employees of division generally; seizure, etc., of seafoods illegally taken, etc.

The employees of the Division of Marine Resources shall diligently enforce all laws and regulations of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources now existing or which may hereafter be enacted or promulgated for the protection, propagation, preservation or conservation of the seafoods of the State of Alabama and shall prosecute all persons who violate any of such laws or regulations. Such employees shall, at any and all times, seize any and all oysters, saltwater fish or other seafoods which have been caught, taken or transported in a manner contrary to the laws or regulations based thereupon of this state. All seafood which is seized by such employees shall be held as evidence and used in the trial of the violation for which it was seized. After the trial of such violation, the seafood which has been so seized shall be disposed of by order of the court in which the case was set or tried.

(Acts 1951, No. 476, p. 840, §12.)