Section 9-2-86

Director and employees constituted peace officers; inspection, etc., of factories, barrel measures, nets, trawls, etc.

The Director of the Division of Marine Resources and other employees of said division are hereby constituted peace officers of the State of Alabama with full police power and jurisdiction to enforce all laws with reference to the seafoods of the State of Alabama and all rules and regulations promulgated by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and they may exercise such powers in any county of the State of Alabama and on any waters of this state. They are hereby authorized to carry firearms or other weapons when they are actually in the discharge of their duties as such officers. They shall be clothed with the power to arrest with or without warrant any person who shall violate any of the laws of the State of Alabama or any rule or regulation of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources with reference to the protection, preservation, propagation or conservation of its seafoods and take him before a proper court for trial. They shall visit the various factories and all places of business where seafoods are dealt in and there inspect the oysters, fish and other seafoods on hand, the "barrel measures" used at said places of business and all nets, trawls and other devices for the taking or catching of seafoods, and they shall prevent and prosecute all violations of this title and all laws on this subject hereafter enacted.

(Acts 1951, No. 476, p. 840, §13.)