Section 9-2-87

Seafoods Fund - Created; composition.

There is hereby created and there shall be a fund which shall be known as the "Seafoods Fund." This fund shall consist of:

(1) All moneys received from all occupational and privilege licenses or taxes imposed by the state on any person, firm or corporation for engaging in any business or activity relating to the taking, catching, processing or handling seafoods as defined in Section 9-2-80;

(2) All revenue derived from oyster bottom leases;

(3) All moneys paid, derived or received arising from fines, penalties or forfeitures of the seafood laws of this state or the rules and regulations based thereon;

(4) All moneys derived from the sale, leasing, dredging, excavation or removal of oyster shells from the bottoms of any bay, lagoon, estuary, bayou or saltwater area within the jurisdiction of the State of Alabama; and

(5) All moneys accruing to the Marine Resources Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources from any source whatsoever.

(Acts 1951, No. 476, p. 840, §8.)