Section 9-21-7

Aquatic Plant Management Program; disposition of funds.

(a) This section constitutes the Aquatic Plant Management Program.

(b) The amount of the Aquatic Plant Management Fund at the end of each fiscal year in excess of 10 percent of the total amount of the fund may be awarded for aquatic plant management. Allotments of the collections in excess of the 10 percent of the total amount of the fund may be used only to support the Aquatic Plant Management Program and the expenses of the board and shall be distributed within one year of receipt of the funds.

(c) The board may expend funds under this section through grants or contracts to communities, local authorities, plant management districts, or other entities that it considers appropriate for aquatic plant management projects.

(d) The board may additionally expend funds for the following:

(1) Implementation of a new and/or innovative aquatic plant management project or for the development, implementation, or demonstration of any aquatic plant management project that may be proposed, implemented, or established by local, state, or national organizations, whether public or private. The expenditures must be on a cost-share basis with the organizations.

(2) Cost-share aquatic plant management programs with local plant management authorities.

(3) Special grants to local plant management authorities to manage, treat, control, or contain significant aquatic plants newly introduced into the county. These grants may be issued without matching funds from the district.

(4) Administrative expenses of the board for managing the Aquatic Plant Management Program and other provisions of this chapter. The cost of administering the program may not exceed 10% of the total program expenses.

(5) A project recommended by the board, if the board determines that the project will significantly contribute to the management of aquatic plants within the waters of the Tennessee River.

(6) Grants to the Cooperative Extension System for aquatic plant management research, evaluation, and education. The Cooperative Extension System shall submit annual reports on current projects and future plans to the board.

(e) In making expenditures under subsections (c) and (d), the board shall give preference to local authorities and community groups.

(f) If the Aquatic Plant Management Fund is terminated, the money in the fund must be divided between all counties according to rules adopted by the board for that purpose.

(Act 2013-384, p. 1442, §7.)