Section 9-4-8

Expenditures from annual appropriation.

The annual appropriation shall be devoted, so far as may be necessary to execute the purposes of this chapter, to the discharge of the expenses of the survey, including the compensation of all temporary and permanent assistants, traveling expenses of the geologist and geological corps, in and out of the state, purchase of apparatus and materials for making chemical analysis, other expenditures for outfit, expenses incurred in providing for the transportation, arrangement and proper exhibition of the geological and other collections made on the authority of this chapter and the engraving of maps and sections, etc., to illustrate the quadrennial reports of progress; provided, however, that no payment shall be made by the survey to the university on account of rent or permanent improvements, nor shall the university make use of the survey's apparatus and materials for making chemical analysis nor share in expenditures for outfit referred to herein.

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