Section 9-7-10


The following terms, whenever used in this chapter shall have the following respective meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) COASTAL AREA. The coastal waters, including the lands therein and thereunder, and the adjacent shorelands, including the waters therein and thereunder, strongly influenced by each and in proximity to the shorelines of Alabama and including transitional and intertidal areas, salt marshes, wetlands, and beaches. The area extends seaward to the outer limit of the United States territorial sea and extends inland from the shorelines only to the extent necessary to control shorelands, the uses of which have a direct and significant impact on the coastal waters.

(2) COASTAL WATERS. Those waters, adjacent to the shoreline, which contain a measurable quantity or percentage of sea water, including but not limited to, sounds, bays, lagoons, bayous, ponds and estuaries.

(3) ESTUARY. That part of a river or stream or other body of water having unimpaired connection with the open sea, where the sea water is measurably diluted with fresh water derived from land drainage.

(4) ESTUARINE SANCTUARY. A research area which may include any part or all of an estuary, adjoining transitional areas and adjacent uplands, constituting to the extent feasible a natural unit, set aside to provide scientists and students the opportunity to examine over a period of time the ecological relationships within the area.

(5) MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. Such term includes, but is not limited to, a comprehensive statement in words, maps, illustrations or other media of communication, prepared and adopted by the state in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, setting forth objectives, policies and standards to guide public and private users of lands and waters in the coastal area.

(6) WATER USE. Activities which are conducted in or on the water, but such term does not mean or include the establishment of any water quality standard or criteria or the regulation of the discharge or runoff of water pollutants except the standards, criteria or regulations which are incorporated in any program as required by the provisions of this chapter.

(7) BOARD. The Office of State Planning and Federal Programs established pursuant to Sections 41-9-205 through 41-9-214.

(8) DEPARTMENT. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

(9) PERSON. Any and all persons, natural or artificial, including, but not limited to, any individual, partnership, association, society, joint stock company, firm, company, corporation, institution, trust, estate, other legal entity or business organization or any state or local governmental entity and any successor of the foregoing.

(Acts 1976, No. 534, p. 686, §3; Acts 1982, No. 82-612, p. 1111, §11.)