Section 9-7-14

Coastal Area Board - Created; composition; qualifications, appointment, term of office and compensation of members; officers; meetings; seal; powers and duties generally; executive director and employees; technical assistance to board; acceptance, use and disposition of funds, facilities, etc.

(a) through (g) Repealed by Acts 1982, No. 82-612, p. 1111, §14(b), effective October 1, 1982.

(h) The board shall have authority to solicit, accept and expend funds from the state, the United States and from any other source, to carry out provisions, purposes and policies of this chapter.

(i) The board shall coordinate activities and plans of all existing interests, other state governments, local governments, regional planning agencies, interstate compacts and commissions and federal agencies which have programs relevant to the coastal area.

(j) When necessary to achieve conformance with the management program provided for in Section 9-7-15, the board shall have the power to acquire fee simple and less than fee simple interest in land, water and other property under the procedures of Title 18 of this code, or other means; provided, however, that such power shall not apply to property and interest therein which is devoted to public use. In the implementation of this chapter no governmental agency shall adopt a rule or regulation that is unduly restrictive or constitutes a taking of property without payment or full compensation in accordance with the Constitution of the State of Alabama or of the United States.

(k) through (m) Repealed by Acts 1982, No. 82-612, p. 1111, §14(b), effective October 1, 1982.

(n) The board is authorized to accept and use such funds, facilities or personnel as may be or may become available for the purposes of this chapter.

(Acts 1976, No. 534, p. 686, §§5, 14; Acts 1982, No. 82-612, p. 1111, §14(b).)