Section 9-7-20

Requirements as to permits generally; regulation of uses of lands within coastal area by local government units; filing with board copies of applications for federal permits.

(a) It is the intent and purpose of this section to avoid duplication whenever possible as to managing activities within the coastal area and yet assure compliance with the management program established by the board.

(b) The department shall review the permitting activities of persons within the coastal area in order to insure consistency with the coastal area management program and where necessary to issue permits to persons to insure compliance and consistency with said program. No agency can issue a permit for any activity in the coastal area that the Department of Environmental Management finds to be inconsistent with the coastal area management program.

(c) There may well be uses of certain lands included within the boundaries of the coastal area which will not have a "direct and significant" impact on coastal waters. Such uses may be subject to regulation by local units of government (cities or counties) within the framework of the management program adopted by the board.

(d) Any person, corporation or partnership filing an application for the federal permit for an activity to be conducted within the boundaries of the coastal area shall deliver to the department an informational copy of such application.

(Acts 1976, No. 534, p. 686, §8; Acts 1982, No. 82-612, p. 1111, §11.)