Section 9-8-63

Addition of lands to districts.

(a) Any one or more owners of land may petition the board of supervisors to have their lands added to a watershed conservancy district. Such petition shall define the boundaries of the land desired to be annexed, the number of acres of land involved and other information pertinent to such proposal. When the boundary described embraces lands of others than the petitioners, the petition shall so state and shall be signed by 25 or more of the landowners in the territory described if 50 or more such owners are involved, or by a majority if less than 50 landowners are involved.

(b) Within 30 days after such petition is filed, the board shall cause due notice to be given of a hearing on such petition. All interested parties shall have a right to attend such hearing and be heard. The board shall determine whether the lands described in the petition or any portion thereof shall be included in the district. If all the landowners in the territory involved are not petitioners, a referendum shall be held within such territory as provided in Sections 9-8-56 through 9-8-58 before making a final determination. If it is determined that such land should be added, this fact shall be certified by the board of supervisors to the judge of probate of the county or counties involved. After recording, the certification shall be filed with the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee.

(Acts 1957, No. 517, p. 705, §13.)