Section 9-8A-12

Reporting and accounting by soil and water conservation districts.

Since appropriations made by the Legislature to the commission are anticipated to be made to the commission with respect to each fiscal year, each soil and water conservation district committee will maintain separate control ledgers and prepare separate reports of work accomplished with allocated funds for each fiscal year. The district supervisor will submit a monthly report to the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee indicating the unobligated balance of allocated funds as shown on each ledger at the close of the last day of each month. Quarterly compilation of the reports shall be submitted by the state to the commission. The districts will also submit through the state committee an annual progress report to the commission. These reports will reflect accomplishments "to date" by program year funds. Annual reports shall be submitted to the commission on or before November 4 each year.

Each district will, based on estimated cost, maintain a record of allocated funds obligated for approved applications.

(Acts 1985, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 85-123, p. 169, §14; Acts 1986, No. 86-426, p. 775, §13.)