Section 9-8A-5

Allocation of funds to soil and water conservation districts.

(a) Funds allocated to the soil and water conservation districts by the commission shall be used only to pay the costs of installing soil and water conservation practices of the types listed in Section 9-8A-7. Soil and water conservation district supervisors shall designate which soil and water conservation practices will be eligible for cost-share grants in their district, subject to approval by the Agricultural and Conservation Development Commission. The commission will, through the State Soil and Water Conservation Committee, allocate any available appropriations and other moneys received by the commission for cost-share grants to the soil and water conservation districts in steps identified as original allocation, reversion of allocated funds, and reallocation of reverted funds.

(b) Original allocation. The commission will allocate funds to the state's 67 soil and water conservation districts at the beginning of each fiscal year following June 4, 1985, in accordance with formulas established by the commission taking into account the percentage of the state's highly erosive areas in, the reforestation needs and the agricultural water pollution problems of, each soil and water conservation district in the state, subject to a minimum base allocation of 1 percent of available funds for each soil and water conservation district. The minimum is imposed to assure that each district receives an allocation that will allow a workable program.

(c) Reversion of allocated funds. Any allocated funds allocated in a fiscal year that the soil and water conservation districts have not obligated by March 1 of that fiscal year, and any allocated funds that were obligated during the previous year for projects respecting which disbursements have not been begun by March 1 will revert to the commission for reallocation.

(d) Reallocation of reverted funds. The soil and water conservation districts shall submit requests for reallocation of reverted funds identifying valid applications and cost estimates, if any, to the commission by February 1 of each year. The allocation to any district will be the lesser of:

(1) The amount of available moneys less reserve fund divided by the number of districts applying for a reallocation, or

(2) The amount requested.

(e) Reserve funds. The commission shall administer a reserve fund for each program year that shall not exceed $10,000.00 to be set aside and used only to meet contingencies that occur in the districts or within the commission. Each time a reallocation is made to the districts an allocation will be made to the reserve fund if necessary to return the reserve fund balance to the appropriate level.

(Acts 1985, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 85-123, p. 169, §5; Acts 1986, No. 86-426, p. 775, §6.)