Section 9-8A-6

Application for cost-share grant.

In order to qualify for a cost-share grant, an eligible person shall file, accompanied by the applications specified in this section, a conservation plan approved by the soil and water conservation district in which the eligible person's eligible land is located. Cost-share grants shall be available only with respect to those soil and water conservation practices determined to be needed by the soil conservation district to reduce erosion, improve agricultural water quality and improve forest resources in the district. Such determination of need shall be made by a qualified soil and water conservation or forestry technician. All application forms and agreements for allocated funds shall be available from and completed forms shall be submitted to the local soil and water conservation district office located in the county where such practices are proposed to be implemented. If an applicant's land is in more than one soil and water conservation district, the respective district committees will review the application and agree to obligate all funds from one district or prorate the funding between districts. All applications and agreements shall be signed by the eligible person unless a power of attorney has been obtained. Applications and agreements may be signed by any person designated to represent the eligible person, provided an appropriate power of attorney has been filed with the soil and water conservation district office. The power of attorney requirement may be met by submitting a properly executed and notarized durable power of attorney to the soil and water conservation district office. In the case of estates, letters of administration or letters testamentary designating the responsible person or administrator may be submitted to the district in lieu of a power of attorney.

(Acts 1985, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 85-123, p. 169, §8; Acts 1986, No. 86-426, p. 775, §7.)