Section 9-9-25

Correction of errors in or amendments to water management plan.

The board of water management commissioners may correct errors in or amend the plan of water management at any time upon the recommendation or concurrence of competent technicians when it appears that the purpose for which the district is organized may thereby be more effectively and economically accomplished; provided, that after assessments of benefits have been confirmed by the court, no such amendment to plans shall be effective until approved by the court having jurisdiction of the district after a hearing, for which notice shall be given as in the case of the assessments of benefits, at which hearing all parties whose property has been assessed for benefits or may be damaged or taken by reason of such amendment shall have opportunity to be heard. When any amendment to the plan is approved by the court, the benefits and damages resulting from such amendment shall be determined at the same hearing.

(Acts 1965, No. 685, p. 1246, §18.)