Section 9-9-28

Notice of hearing on report of board of viewers.

When the report of the board of viewers is fully completed in accordance with the provisions of this article and filed, the court of probate shall forthwith set a date for hearing said report, not less than 30 days thereafter, and shall give notice thereof by causing publication to be made as hereinafter defined, and the following form shall suffice:

"Notice of Filing of Viewers' Report and Hearing Thereon for _______ Water Management District. Notice is hereby given to all persons interested in the following described land and property in _____ County (or Counties), Alabama; (here describe land and property) included within and without _____ water management district, that the board of viewers heretofore appointed to assess benefits and damages to the property and lands situated within and without said water management districts and to appraise the cash value of the land necessary to be taken for rights-of-way for the works of improvement of said district within or without the limits of said district filed its report in this office on the _____ day of _____, 2__ and is hereby notified that you may examine said report and on or before the said day of hearing file exceptions to all or any part thereof as provided by law.

Probate Judge,
of _________ County, Alabama."

(Acts 1965, No. 685, p. 1246, §21.)