Section 9-9-39

Bonds - Payment of principal and interest.

The principal and interest of bonds issued under this article shall be payable at such place or places as the board of commissioners may designate. At least two weeks before the principal and interest of any bonds are due and payable, it shall be the duty of the treasurer of the water management district to forward to the place of payment named in such bonds an amount sufficient to meet the principal and interest thereon coming due together with the customary fee of such paying back, not to exceed one fourth of one percent. It shall be the duty of the board of water management commissioners in making the annual tax levy as provided in this article to take into account the maturing bonds and interest on all bonds and to make ample provisions in advance for the payment thereof. In case the proceeds of the original tax levy made under the provisions of this article are not sufficient to pay the principal and interest of all the bonds issued thereunder, then the board of water management commissioners shall make such additional levy or levies upon the benefits assessed as are necessary for this purpose and may issue additional bonds in like manner as in the first instance; provided, that the total tax levies, exclusive of maintenance taxes or taxes levied to pay the interest on bonds, shall not exceed 90 percent of the benefits assessed.

(Acts 1965, No. 685, p. 1246, §32.)