Section 9-9-49

Rights of landowners as to use of drains, watercourses, etc., as outlets for lateral drains from lands.

The owner of any land that has been assessed for the cost of the construction of any ditch, drain, watercourse or other improvement as provided in this article shall have the right to use the ditch, drain or watercourse as an outlet for lateral drains from said land; and, if said land is separated from the ditch, drain, watercourse or other drainage improvement by the land of another or others and the owner thereof shall be unable to agree with said other or others as to the terms and conditions on which he may enter their lands and construct said drain or ditch, he may petition to condemn the same and the same proceeding shall be had as in cases of condemnation under the right of eminent domain. When the drain is constructed it shall become a part of the drainage system and shall be under the control of the board of water management commissioners and be kept in repair by the board as provided in this article.

(Acts 1965, No. 685, p. 1246, §42.)