Section 9-9-71

Declaration of benefits of drainage, etc.; declaration of public policy.

The establishing of proper control of surface waters upon the agricultural lands of the state through proper distribution and holding of said waters upon said land, the prevention of increased areas of wet, swamp or overflow lands through control of soil erosion and the filling of natural and artificial drains and the establishing of systems for the proper distribution and control of waters which, when uncontrolled, become overflow waters and the elimination of overflow lands are declared to be in promotion of the public health, in aid of agriculture and in interest of the general welfare and public convenience. Such work is also declared to be a necessary and publicly convenient part of or aid to the execution of the powers of the state contained in Amendments 15 and 22 to the constitution. It is further declared to be the adopted public policy of the state to cooperate with persons desiring to develop systems for such purposes and to aid and advise in such development and to provide for the economical and orderly organization of subdistricts for such purposes.

(1936, Ex. Sess., No. 127, p. 83, §3; Code 1940, T. 2, §264.)