Selection, Qualifications, Powers, Duties and Tenure of State Board of Education and Superintendent of Education.

1. General supervision of the public schools in Alabama shall be vested in a state board of education, which shall be elected in such manner as the legislature may provide.

2. The chief state school officer shall be the state superintendent of education, who shall be appointed by the state board of education and serve at its pleasure. The authority and duties of the superintendent of education shall be determined by the state board of education according to such regulations as the legislature may prescribe. The superintendent of education shall receive an annual salary which shall be fixed by the legislature of Alabama and shall be paid from the state treasury in installments as the salaries of other state officers are paid.

3. The legislature shall enact appropriate laws to implement or enforce this article of amendment.

4. The provisions of article V and XIV of the Constitution of Alabama as amended in conflict with this article are expressly repealed. However, this amendment shall not be so construed as to effect the election or term of the state superintendent of education chosen before it becomes valid as a part of the Constitution.