Section 16-28A-1

Legislative findings.

It is the finding of the Alabama Legislature that the people of Alabama have two basic expectations of their public schools: (1) that students be allowed to learn in a safe classroom setting where order and discipline are maintained; and (2) that students learn at the level of their capabilities and achieve accordingly. The Legislature finds further that every child in Alabama is entitled to have access to a program of instruction which gives him or her the right to learn in a non-disruptive environment. No student has a right to be unruly in his or her classroom to the extent that such disruption denies fellow students of their right to learn. The teacher in each classroom is expected to maintain order and discipline. Teachers are hereby given the authority and responsibility to use appropriate means of discipline up to and including corporal punishment as may be prescribed by the local board of education. So long as teachers follow approved policy in the exercise of their responsibility to maintain discipline in their classroom, such teacher shall be immune from civil or criminal liability. It shall be the responsibility of the local boards of education and the administrators employed by them to provide legal support to each teacher exercising his or her authority and responsibility to maintain order and discipline in his or her classroom as long as the teacher follows the local board of education's policy. Such support for the teacher shall include, but not be limited to, providing appropriate legal representation to defend the teacher against charges, filing of a written report pursuant to Section 16-1-24, seeking the issuance of a warrant or warrants for any person or persons threatening or assaulting a teacher, and the timely assistance and cooperation with the appropriate authorities in the prosecution of any person or persons threatening or assaulting a teacher. Local school board authorities and school administrators providing such support shall be absolutely immune from civil and criminal liability for actions authorized or required by this section.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-539, p. 1121, §1.)